St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish
6020 W. Ardmore Avenue
Chicago, IL 60646

Altar Servers Update – Note From Father McCarthy

If you haven’t sent in vacation dates yet, please do so asap!

Many thanks to all for your cooperation & support so far. I tell everyone I meet that St Elizabeth of the Trinity has the best Servers anywhere.

I MEAN THAT! Servers, you’re the best because you listen & learn, as well as being generous with your time & talents.

Parents, you’re the best because of the atmosphere of faith you create in your home and the values you instill in your children.

Thanks so much to all. Lets keep a good thing going…& make it even better!

Fr McC

P.S. The next schedule may come in pieces.
First of all, it will include our new Servers. 12 are currently in training. Secondly, I’ll be in Ireland to do my cousin Orla Fitzgerald’s wedding May 23-June 10.
You’ll probably get a 2-week schedule before I leave, then get the rest after I get back.
But that may change too. Bottom line: Hang loose until I get back!
Many thanks for your understanding.