St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish
6020 W. Ardmore Avenue
Chicago, IL 60646


Father Grisolano discusses various aspects of the the state of the Parish Unification project in this week’s From the Desk of Father Mike.  Among the topics he touches on:

  • The process of utilizing symbols from the component Parishes including the Processional Cross from St. Cornelius and the candles on the back altar from St. Thecla. More coming in the near future in this area as additional symbols are brought over.
  • The Unification Committee transition into more permanent councils (i.e. Finance Council, Parish Council, and Evangelization team).The volunteers on the Unification Committee havebeen involved for about eight months and have offered constructive suggestions about what the parish can do to make the merge as unifying as possible.
  • There will also be something of a “tradition” committee with members from all three parishes to help advise about how best to honor the past three parishes on this campus while helping build the new identity of
    St. Elizabeth at the same time.

The hard work by all is greatly appreciated !

Please click here to read the full From the Desk of Father Mike… for more details.