St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish
6020 W. Ardmore Avenue
Chicago, IL 60646


We finally have been approved by the city zoning board to move ahead with our parking lot plans across the street!

The Archdiocese’s construction manager will be working to secure bids, and we plan on moving as quickly as possible. Father Grisolano will see about getting a bulletin friendly draft for you to see from the engineering firm, but right now we have been approved for a 36 space (including one handicapped spot) parking lot that has double access to the alley and Ardmore Ave.

Part of the delayed approval was apparently over the city wanting to make sure the lot would have enough green space, trees, and natural beauty since it is in a residential zoning area.

The plan is to make it functional, but also attractive at the same time…thank
you for those that prayed to the patron saint of parking lots!