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Finance Council

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Finance Council

The St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Finance Council oversees the financial direction of the parish. The Council consists of six Parish members, the Parish Business Manager, the Pastor, and a School Council representative.

The Finance Council advises and consults with the Parish leadership on financial matters, reviews and approves the financial budgets of the parish and other Archdiocesan reporting, reviews financial reports of the parish, and performs other duties concerning the stewardship of the resources available to the parish.

Members are appointed by the Pastor and the Council itself is mandated by Canon Law.

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Finance Council upDATE – February 28, 2021

We have already had our initial meeting and will be gathering about every four weeks. There is plenty to do, as you may know.

Father Grisolano recently found out the exact amount of the partial sale of St. Thecla property. After the closing costs, $3,296,246.00 was deposited in a reserve bank account for St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish. The gross sale price of the property was $3,450,000.00.

In the interest of transparency, you should know this, but also be aware that even though this money is reserved for the parish it won’t be touched until the appeal to the unification is resolved.

We can use the interest/dividends though to fund some capital and ministry needs. The next the task of the Finance Council is to help come up with a solid investment plan that keeps most, if not all of the principal intact. The parish still obviously needs your involvement and financial support.

Below you can see links to brief biographies of our new Finance Council members: John Fiore, Tim Jacobs, Bill O’Hara and Donna Quirk. You may know some of them, but now you can learn a little more about their background and families.

We are so blessed to have such faith filled and professionally qualified volunteers who are also very dedicated to Catholic education and the Lord’s mission here at St. Elizabeth of the Trinity.