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Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts of Chicago are part of the largest all-girl organization in the world. It is open to girls from ages 5 to 17. The mission of the Girl Scouts is to help girls develop to their fullest potential and to become competent, resourceful women. It enables them to acquire the skills and talents to overcome barriers that limit girls’ achievements. The program produces skills for good citizenship, positive self-image, leadership, decision making and resourcefulness. The girls also learn to give service to others.

Girl Scout activities include: learning about the arts, such as music, crafts, drama, drawing, painting; learning about the outdoors, such as camping, hiking, outdoor cooking, becoming lovers of nature; learning about sciences such as computers, math, science; learning about other people and their own heritage; learning about their own well-being and other activities such as exercising, first aid, games, cooking and sports.

Please contact Caitlin Schlie for more information about our Girl Scout program.