St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish
6020 W. Ardmore Avenue
Chicago, IL 60646

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry consists of caring people who meet to pray while knitting or crocheting shawls or similar items made for those who need comforting in times of sickness, death or celebration. Prayer Shawls surround the recipient in prayer, beauty, peace, and love and are a tangible sign of the parish’s prayers and wishes for comfort.

We are a devoted ministry and are humbled and inspired by one another and our mission. As a faith community, we are called to share the gift of our hands. We welcome all skill levels and can teach beginning knitting and crocheting techniques. Supplies can be provided. Prayerful stitching is a great way to be faithful, relax, meditate and be creative while providing care and comfort to others.

Our motto: Make sure to take time to stitch and pray with each and every passing day.

The Prayer Shawl group will meet on Monday, August 22 at 7:00 p.m. inin our meeting room in the school on Moody.

The gate will be open so feel free to park on Moody.

We have a selection of new yarn to choose from.

The Women’s Center was very grateful for the dozens of preemie baby hats and booties we donated.

Come for the company and friendship and put your talents to good use.