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CRS Rice Bowl – A Lenten Journey (Updated February 26)


Join our faith community in a transformative Lenten journey through CRS Rice Bowl to meet people in Uganda, El Salvador
and Indonesia who are working hard to overcome the challenges of hunger and the impact of climate change.

During the 40 days of Lent, we will reflect on our connectedness as one family in Christ and work together to ensure our sisters and brothers worldwide can thrive.

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February 26 Update

In Akwangagwel, Uganda, the climate is very hot and dry. Farmers in this region depend heavily on the rainy season for a successful harvest. But
lately—due to the changing climate—the rain has been coming later than it used to and is more inconsistent. Sometimes, when it does rain, it causes flooding and ruins the crops.

Learn how Adolf and Florence have taken the matter into their own hands, implementing new farming techniques they learned from a Catholic Relief Services program to improve their farm and fight against hunger in their community.

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