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Altar Servers – Thank You Graduating Servers and Welcome to New Servers

With the end of the school year, it’s time to acknowledge and thank the best Altar Servers in the Archdiocese!

Our graduating 8th grade Servers have completed their commitment to Altar Serve until Graduation Day.

Many of them have now agreed to continue their service into their high school years.

Younger Altar Server candidates, after much practice, are now ready to begin their Ministry. The good news is that for the coming year, we will have an increase in the number of Servers. We now have 35 Servers, including 13 Servers in high school.

We thank them all for their service.

Graduating 8th Grade Altar Servers:

Erin Daly
Bridget Fedoruk
*Leah Johnson
*Tim Onita
*Roman Salvador
Mikey Simic
*Keira Stieve
* Indicates Servers who will continue to Altar Serve in High School

New Grade School Servers:

Eric Huffman
Leah Peraino
Clare Schlie
Bobby Weiss
Danny Carranza
Zach Biesiada
Kaylee Sager
Richard Salvador

Prayers and best wishes to all our Servers as they begin or continue in their Ministry of Service to the people of our parish.

Prayers of gratitude to the parents of all our servers. As “First teachers of their children in the ways of faith”,  these good parents have provided the inspiration, modeling, and support that allows our Servers to choose this Ministry of Service to us all.

If you see an Altar Server before or after Mass or around the neighborhood, be sure to thank them for what they do.

Fr McC