St. Elizabeth of the Trinity
6020 W. Ardmore Avenue
Chicago, IL 60646

Altar Servers Update – Note From Father McCarthy

Altar Servers  :
– 1st Communion Sunday is May 15.
On that day, we’ll have 3 Servers at the 11AM 1st Communion Mass instead of at the usual 9AM Mass.

– Please check your March schedule carefully.
You’ll see that 4 Servers are on the schedule of Sunday Masses twice. This is because, over 4 weeks, we need 36 Servers for weekend Masses(9 per weekend x 4 weekends on each schedule.)

We currently have 33 Servers, one of whom is on the “Injured List.”

Right after Easter, we’ll begin training interested 5th & 6th grade Servers from our School & Religious Education program.

So remind younger brothers & sisters, someone living on your block or playing on the same team as you, to sign up to be an Altar Server.

Before Covid came along, we had 65 Servers, so our goal is to get back to that number in another year or two.

So, remember: invite, invite, invite; recruit, recruit, recruit!
Thanks for your help!

– Parents, it’s not too soon to send me summer vacation dates, so I can schedule around them & save the chore of having to find subs.
You can certainly send some dates now & others when you confirm them.

If your plans change, you can also cancel what you sent anytime before the schedule is printed.

Once the schedule is all drawn up & sent out, you’re on your own for finding subs.

– Finally, my prayers to all our Server families.
May you have a blessed Holy Week and a blessed & happy celebration of the 7 weeks of Easter season beginning on Easter Sunday April 17 & continuing to Pentecost Sunday on June 5.
Thank you all for that our Servers do to make our community here at St. Elizabeth of the Trinity the strong, spiritually rich parish we are becoming.

All the best,
Father McC