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Catholics Come Home


EVANGELIZATION THROUGH TV ADS – Evangelization has always been the mission of the Catholic Church. The call to evangelize first given to us by Christ requires that we proclaim the word of God using every means of communication. In the Church today using the media has become indispensable in bringing the Gospel message into the world through the internet, radio and television.

In 2009 Cardinal George collaborated with the Bishops in the Dioceses of Rockford and Joliet on an evangelization initiative using television advertisements. Catholics Come Home Chicago gave us 5 ½ weeks of ads in 3 languages, broadcast on 10 networks that invited Catholics who had drifted from the practice of the faith to come home.

As the events of Catholics Come Home Chicago came to an end, we asked parishes to complete a survey on the initiative. We received 440 surveys from Pastors and Parish Contact Persons with over 70% stating that the evangelization initiative was a benefit to their parish in several ways. Our efforts resulted in an increase in Mass attendance, more people participating in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, a renewed sense of Catholic identity in active parishioners and affirmation for Parish Staffs who have focused on evangelization in their individual parishes. While we have experienced a period of growth in number and strength, we know that the continuation of this movement is the responsibility of every person in every parish.

This year 2010-2011 there were NEW Catholics Come Home ads shown on TV from mid-December to Mid-January. Once again, the ads became a catalyst for faith conversations and moments of evangelization in homes, schools, neighborhoods and places of business all around the Archdiocese. You can find out more about this evangelization effort and how you can participate by going to our website at

We encourage our parishioners to pray for those who have left the Church and invite them to join us at St. Tarcissus. Parishioners can pick up a brochure on the table in the vestibule or open and print the brochures linked above to be used as an invitation for those have drifted from the practice of the faith. For more information on getting these you may contact the Rectory Office at 773-763-8228. We lovingly invite all those who have drifted away, to come home, to find healing, answers and support.

For more information please contact Kathy Mullins, Teresa Gillespie or Fr. McCarthy at 773-763-8228 or Steve SchroederChairperson, at or at 312-307-7836.


Evangelization – Christ our Light!
Bulletin Article dated April 24, 2011
Catholics Come Home Chicago

He is Risen! The news of the day and the news of the centuries! We sing “Christ Jesus Victor, Christ Jesus Ruler, Christ Jesus Lord and Redeemer.” Here lies the message for each person and each people, for all humanity. Today we are asked to renounce evil and to claim the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – the connection in living humanely. Fr. Louis Cameli has written about 21st century ways to “connect”:

We live in a world that prides itself on the many possibilities of connection that are available. With computers and e-mail and i-pods and cell phones, we have various forms of electronic connection. With a worldwide network of air travel, we can go around the world and connect with countless destinations. With the globalization of the economy, we are tightly connected as producers and consumers. On a more personal level, an unprecedented level of sexual freedom allows for multiple ‘easy’ connections for those who so choose.

Still, despite all these new connections and possibilities of connection, we are paradoxically more isolated than ever in humanity’s history.

Electronic media connects us but also leaves us alone behind a screen or with a cell phone in hand. Air travel enables us to go around the world and connect with destinations, but we do so always in the shadow of the threat of terrorism that can destroy us. A global market connects us, but a profit-driven economy still divides the rich from the poor. Abundant sexual liberties allow us to ‘hook up’ indiscriminately, but we find genuine, sustaining, intimacy more daunting than ever.

For most of us, the strongest sense of connection resides in our home. To be ‘at home’, really and truly, is to be connected – spouses with each other, parents with children; with our history and with our future, and with our local community. Home is connection.

The Catholics Come Home® evangelization initiative invites, welcomes, and accompanies people to connect to the very source of life itself, the Risen Christ. This longing-for-connection manifests God’s life in us. We remain free and can accept or reject Him. When we accept this ultimate connection, the living-giving Reality, the proximate connections fall into place. And we have life in its abundance! Rejoice in this life within you – Accept that He is Risen for you! Pray: Christ, be our light!

Rev. Msgr. Rich Hynes

Msgr. Rich Hynes, a priest for 39 years, serves the Archdiocese of Chicago as Director of the Department of Parish Life & Formation. His previous Archdiocesan assignments include Pastor- St. John of the Cross (Western Springs), Associate Pastor-St Martin de Porres (Chicago), St. Athanasius (Evanston), St. James (Arlington Heights), and Spiritual Director at the St. Joseph College Seminary at Loyola University.