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Women Of The Year 2013

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Parish Life – St. Tarcissus Altar and Rosary Women’s Club Woman of the Year
May 11, 2013

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Paula Muscarnero Petrucci was born and raised in the great city of Chicago into a traditonal Italian-American home where respect for all and love for God and each other was paramount. As a family they laughed, cried, argued and rejoiced both in English and even Italian at times. They learned the value of hard work by watching the example of family members. Whether it was her parents working more than one job to put them through Catholic schools or cooking and canning uncountable numbers of tomatoes around Labor Day each year, they learned that with determination, perserverance and support, they could achieve our dreams.

With their support and love for life and learning, Paula was able to realize a career in Podiatric Medicine when in 1993 she became a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. After a two year surgical residency she became and have been an Associate Podiatrist at Bloomingdale Foot and Ankle Associates in Bloomingdale, Illinois for the last 18 years. Thanks to her family and friends, especially her late parents Rose and Filippo, her husband Steve, her daughter Rosana and her brother Phillip and family, she is priviledged and honored to be able to provide the highest quality footcare for her patients.

Throughout it all, her faith in God has given and continues to give Paula strength and courage. Memories of past sacramental celebrations with family and friends and the continued examples of faithful lay and religious individuals have helped her to be filled with joy and gratitude for the presence of God always in her life. She is especially grateful to be able to revisit and renew various aspects of her faith through her own daughter’ s religious formation. She is so proud of her and she is excited for her future. She knows with certainty that God and his Angels will be with her all her future endeavors.

Striving to follow Jesus’s example, service to others continues to be one of the ways Paula lives her faith both professionally and personally. Whether as a Parent Volunteer for many school events, as a Minister of Care for the St. Tarcissus Parish Community and Resurrection Medical Center, or a Coodinator for Prayer Shawl Ministry, she is fortunate to be able to give of her time and talent.

We all serve in one form or another. Maybe like Paula you are a Wife and Mom, a sister, a niece, a cousin, an Aunt or a friend. Paula said that though she is truly grateful for this honor, she feels she is no more deserving than anyone else. We all have a story to tell and we all deserve consideration, recognition and respect. She hopes that we all may continue to serve in His name for many, many years to come.