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Holy Ground Film Screenings – February 18


Narrated by Fr. Gregory Sakowicz, Holy Ground stars Susan L. Kelsey (Billy Caldwell, 1780-1841) Ann Durkin Keating (Rising Up From Indian Country), and David Buisseret (Historic Illinois From the Air).

The film also features Olivia Murray, Larry Biela, Marla Seidell, Eric S. Cunnigham, John Schoonhoven, Fr. Paul Adaja, Fr. Andew Luczak, Peter Scheidler and Deacon Chick O’Leary.

Directed by Michael Jolls (Cathedral of the North Shore).

Produced by Nick Allexon, John Quirk, Natalia Samoylova, Norene Scanlan, Marla Seidell and Kristine Wofflick.

“Where westward migration took place, the Catholic Church was not far behind,” narrates Fr. Greg Sakowicz in Holy Ground. The documentary reflects on Chicago’s emergence as one of the largest cities in the world—a feat mirrored in the expansion of the Catholics.

Holy Ground covers a vast history that includes explorers’ discovery of the Chicago Portage, John Kinzie, Billy Caldwell (aka Chief Sauganash), The Battle of Fort Dearborn, Chief Tecumseh, The Treaty of Chicago, the fur trade, the 1893 World’s Fair, architects Burnham & Root, art deco, glass artists Gabriel Loire & Max Ingrand, the railroads, The Great Chicago Fire, German influences, and the establishment of various
Catholic churches throughout Chicago’s north side.

By revisiting this wide berth of history, Holy Ground shows how the expansion of the Catholic Church directly correlated to Chicago’s own rapid growth from the 1830s through mid-century.


Sunday, February 18, 1:15 pm St. Lambert’s Catholic Church, Trainer Hall,
8148 Karlov Avenue, Skokie, IL 60076—

All screenings are free and open to the public. Holy Ground has a runtime of 1 hour & 40 minutes.

Please contact with any questions.