St. Elizabeth of the Trinity
6020 W. Ardmore Avenue
Chicago, IL 60646

New Hymnals


394 Hymnals have been dedicated 206 are still available!

Have you dedicated a Gather hymnal yet? The cost is only $20 per book and a bookplate will be placed on the inside front cover recognizing your dedication.

Donation envelopes can be found on the table in the vestibule or in the racks at each of the side entrances of the church or they are available at the rectory office. You may place the wording that you’d like on the envelope. If you wish more than one book you may enclose a separate sheet of paper with your desired inscriptions. You may also use GiveCentral to make your donation.

Don’t miss this inexpensive opportunity to honor or memorialize someone and to help the church out as well!

Thank you for your support in the enhancement of the liturgical life our parish!