St. Elizabeth of the Trinity
6020 W. Ardmore Avenue
Chicago, IL 60646

Our 2023 Catechists

Joe Paprocki, a national consultant on faith formation, referred to a catechist as someone who “hands on a 2000-year-old Tradition that changes lives.”

At St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, we are blessed with devoted teams of catechists who are doing just that.

Thank you to all our catechists and volunteers involved in passing on our Catholic faith.

Religious Education
1st Grade : Mary Kay Hastings
2nd Grade : Gilda Rivero
3rd/4th Grade : Lisa Ford
5th Grade : Diana Campagna
6th Grade : Mary Ann Krupa
7th Grade : Dominic Jirak
7th Grade : Tristan Invencion, assistant
8th Grade : Anthony Garcia
RCIC : Grant Huslig
High School RCIC : Peggy Bradley
Yoharis Pinelo Avila : Assistant
Assistant Coordinator : Jordan Smith

Baptismal Preparation
Darlene & Ryan Duggan
Christa & Joris Soeding
Ashley Guinn

Parish School
Pre-K : Bea Cavoto
Jr – K : Rebecca Fisher
Kdg : Liane Skolak
1st Grade : Lauren Slayton
2nd Grade  : Mary Ellen Gold
3rd Grade : Jose Flores
4th Grade : Katrina O’Malley
5th Grade : Kelly Szlak-Aimone
6th Grade : Mike Wuich
7th Grade : Ann Curtin
8th Grade : Ashley Guinn

Judy Castiglioni
Kathy Danno
Carol Ideler
Ashley Guinn

Matthew Cooke
Grant Huslig
Dominic Jirak
Miles Swigart