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Blessed Imelda Window

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Blessed Imelda

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In Italy in the year 1333, there lived a young girl whose name was Imelda. When she was ten years old, she longed to go to school. Her father thought it a foolish waste to educate girls, especially since girls could go to school only in convents. But after pleading she finally persuaded him to be allowed to go to school at the Dominican convent on their town.

At that time in Italy the boys and girls did not receive their First Holy Communion as early as they do now. Although Imelda knew this, her greatest wish was to receive Jesus. She felt she could not wait another year. From the day she entered the school, Imelda went to the chapel every day for long visits. She would throw herself down on her knees, and pray that she would be allowed to make her First Holy Communion as soon as possible.

One morning Imelda was kneeling at the Communion rail, sobbing because she would have to wait such a long time before receiving our Lord. Suddenly the people who were kneeling in church saw something very strange. They saw the Sacred Host come down from Heaven and rest over Imelda’s head. The Sacred Host stayed there until the priest came down from the altar to distribute Holy Communion. When he saw the image of the Host resting over her, he went to the kneeling child and placed our Lord on her tongue. The priest felt that the Sacred Host was a sign from God that Imelda should receive Holy Communion without delay.

Little Imelda was so filled with joy that she never moved from the Communion rail. The nuns thought she was bowed in prayer. She was so still for such a long time that at last they went to her, only to find her dead. Imelda’s joy had been so great that she could not bear ever to be separated from her Lord. And so as His gift to her, He took her to Heaven and eternal union with Himself.

Imelda is holding the ciborium and Host in the Stained glass window to represent her love for our Eucharistic Lord. Although she died before becoming a Nun, she is dressed in the habit of the Dominican Order, because she expressed her desire to be a Novice. The pelican feeding its young below her feet is symbolic of Christ, the Divince Pelican, who feeds us with His Precious Blood.

Pray to Blessed Imelda. Ask her that you may have an ardent longing for Jesus in Holy Communion. Beg her to give you a great love for Him Who loves us so much that He remains forever close to us in the most Blessed Sacrament.