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RESix Grade Retreat 2015

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Religious Education Program – 6th Grade Retreat
April 22, 2015

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Sixth Grade students from both St. Tarcissus School and Religious Education Program attended a day long retreat on Wednesday, April 22 as part of the preparation process for Confirmation. The day started at the 8:30 am daily Mass followed by a full day of activities for the students. Our retreat leader for the day was Friar Johnpaul Cafiero. Friar was assisted by Capuchin Franciscan brother Carmel Panvino, 6th grade homeroom teacher Mrs. Donna McGrath, and St. Tarcissus Director of Religious Education Larry Cubalchini. The retreat focused on helping the students make good decisions grounded in Love and Faith. We had 100% participation of all of our 6th grade students and there was a consensus that everyone learned new things while having a great time. We want to thank the parents for supporting your children in this experience of Faith. We want to thank our leaders, Friar Johnpaul, Br. Carmel, and Mrs. McGrath. We also want to thank our 6th grade students for their openness and participation in the day.